Cocktails by Manel Vehí


At City Bar & Restaurant we give great importance to the entire gastronomic experience. From the appetizer to the dessert and final cocktail. That is why this year we have opted for one of the great figures of the current mixology scene, Manel Vehí. World Champion of the Mediterranean Inspirations by Gin Mare Cocktail Championship, the young mixologist makes our menu and directs our team of mixologists.

Cocktails and Desserts Menu


Manel Vehí


With extensive experience both nationally, by the hand of teachers such as Adrià and Soler in El Bulli or the Iglesias brothers, as well as showing talent beyond our borders in Gran Achatz (Chicago), along with another “great”, José Andrés , in El Jaleo (Washington), Manel Vehí continues to reap success with his mixes. With a well-deserved reputation, the challenge of collaborating for the first time with luxury hotels is now added.


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In our newly renewed menu you can find creative cocktails, avant-garde but also the best classic cocktails and even options without alcohol. Cocktails like “Gala Dalí“, with white Martini, campari, lime, orange and cava rosé or “El Chapo” for the more daring (mezcal, mango, jalapeño pepper and lime) are just some of the examples of the fantastic references we have prepared for this season.

Of course, there is no shortage of the most surprising non-alcoholic references for those who are most careful and classical cocktails made with the most innovative techniques. You’ll want to try them all!



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