Alberto Vicente


Barcelona Chef Alberto Vicente’s vocation comes from the Mediterranean and family culinary tradition. He began at 16 as his father’s apprentice, who’s also a chef, and after training at several restaurants he went to Teruel, where he delved into the culinary art of truffles, which would become his favourite product: “It brings a lot of nuances to the most humble ingredients: potatoes, eggs…and enhances them.”

Precisely, these simpler ingredients are the basis of his recipe book: “I like traditional cuisine updated with a good presentation and good products. We select seasonal products and then look for their most exceptional version, for example, Tudela tomatoes, with their country flavour and texture. I’ve liked visiting orchards since I was a kid.” Fresh seasonal ingredients are essential for him: “In the kitchen, as in fashion, you work imagining the next season. During the summer you start to plan the “Autumn collection” to have enough time to investigate, to experiment…”

His love for artisan cooking also leads him to feel a predilection for the purest techniques: “I love cooking with a real burners, so I work with a wood-burning oven a lot, which brings interesting smoky hints to traditional dishes like onion soup.”

Sergi Fernández

Food & Beverage Director

Sergi’s varied training and professional experience helps him have a very wide perspective of the gastronomic world. Nevertheless, his main interest is in traditional gastronomy: “I am very interested in the history of recipes and the know-how of expert hands. The Catalan tradition is very complete in that sense.”

He is convinced that “luxury is simplicity. A humble potato can be a star dish as long as you know how to choose the best product and prepare it in a precise way.” Hence his interest in researching horticultural products, “staying in contact with the land.”

For him, the key to making a restaurant exceptional is consistency. You have to be consistently good, so diners will trust that when they visit you, they will never be disappointed.”

Jorge Santos

Food & Beverage Assistant Director

After an experience as a student in Brazil, Jorge trains professionally in Madrid and in the Algarve.

As a good Portuguese, he loves fish dishes with little intervention to highlight their natural quality and freshness “charcoaled fish or naturally opened seafood.” His taste extends to other dishes that are based on a sea taste, like the Mediterranean rice dishes: “I like intense sea flavours combined with the consistency and the body that rice gives them.” He is now also discovering the Peruvian gastronomy “dishes that seem simple, like Ceviche, but that are in fact a complex balance of flavours.”

Apart from the quality of the cuisine, he is very aware of what makes the difference in a restaurant: “the service, the experience, are what make the customer leave with a story to tell to their friends and family.” His goal is “that each diner feels that we care about their particular needs and interests. When they return the following year and ask about you with your name, I feel like we have succeeded.“